7 carat Diamond in 18k White Gold Diamond Ring


Metal: 18k White Gold
Stones: 7.01 carat Round Brilliant Diamond! GIA certified J color, I1 clarity
with 1.51 carats total weight in side stones, H color, SI1-SI2 clarity

This ring dazzles and stuns! A huge bang for the buck, the center stone has tremendous sparkle! A GIA certified J, I1 is a G, SI2 by any other lab's measure; please have a look at the photo of the lab report for more details about the center stone.

Regardless of paperwork and numbers, to judge a diamond requires real-life viewing, and this particular diamond's slightly increased depth and crown angle really makes for a more dispersive stone (which means it gives off a lot of rainbow flashes). It has good scintillation as well. The angles are are actually pretty close to Ideal, except for a little more depth and the higher crown angle. As such I believe this could have been an older European cut diamond re-faceted on the pavilion (bottom) into a round brilliant.

A simply beautiful solitaire style, with a little extra pizazz!